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Program for Universities

The "Universities Program" of the International Symposium on Current Issues and Controversies in Psychiatry offers significant discounts for video streaming attendance to university programs who are interested in the contents we provide. The aim is to bring our excellent speakers and content for those who are part of the university community and make it a very affordable cost.

For this purpose we transmit the symposium on live online videostreaming and we offer to the university community important discounts on registration.

This program is available for PROFESSORS, RESEARCHERS and STUDENTS -PhD students, postgraduate students and undergraduate students- belonging to the university environment.

Membership procedure

In order to register in the program and obtain more information, a professor, or a responsible of a research-group or departament has to contact us. Contact us HERE

Once the registration is made we assign a "Group Code" (8 alphanumeric digits) to allow access to the discount. The professor/group leader will be responsible for distributing the code and the procedure to access the discount.